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Posted on January 7, 2019 at 11:40 PM

What kinda of project are we talking about? Self-initiated; create a piece of art and then place it on the market to sell, or comissioned; I was hired to create a specific piece of art.


EIther way, it starts with coffee, research and visualization. If I can't see it first then the day will not go as smoothly. So, I like to start with sketching, gathering ideas, references and supplies. This can take some time. It never goes exactly as planned either as there are a lot of variables and ways to tackle a project. There's no right or wrong way. Sometimes it's frustrating and sometimes the stars are alighed. Either way, focus and perseverance are the main ingredients. This means I need to be prepared with food or no food, coffee or tea, sometimes just water, music or silence and most of all enthusiasm.


Some days I get a lot done and other days are just challenging to get anyhting done as I planned. But, as long as the project is moving ahead the next day is easier.

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